Any minor who wishes to enter the "hot pit" area at any -sanctioned event in 2018 is required to have one of the following at registration.
This applies to spectators, pit crews, and racers:

Option 1: The minor must have the 2018 Annual Release Verification Card in his/her possession (even if he/she is not racing),

To obtain this card, click here and follow the instructions for Annual Minor Release Form for Racers.
The time that it takes for the to process an application increases as the racing season approaches (due to volume of applications).
The Annual release is valid from January 1 through December 31, 2018, so before applying, you should ensure that your minor's membership is valid through December 31, 2018.
An youth membership costs $29 for 12 months, and the Annual Release Verification Card is free to members.

Option 2: Both PARENTS or LEGAL GUARDIANS must be present, and both must sign the standard liability waiver form.

Option 3: The supervising adult must have a completed, notarized, color copy of the application for the Annual Minor Release Form.

This form will be turned in at the event registration to be sent to the headquarters.
To obtain the application form, click here and download the Annual Liability Release (minor) form.

▶This applies to all minors who wish to enter the pit area. Even those who are not competing.
▶Wisconsin considers anyone under the age of 18 to be a minor.
▶The "hot pit" area is anywhere that racing motorcycles may be operated, even at a reduced speed.
▶At a fairgrounds track, it may be easier to segregate the spectator area (grandstands) from the "hot pit" pit area than it is at a clubgrounds track.
▶At Dairyland Racing events, there will be no exceptions made, at any time, for any reason. This is a new requirement from the insurance carrier.

For more details about the AMA liability insurance requirements (including a phone number to ask questions), click here.