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Page content updated 10/15/2016

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Grand National Facility Win Records

Consecutive Wins At One Track
Career Track Wins
Career Wins At One Facility
Season Sweep At One Facility
Career Wins at Most Tracks

Consecutive Track Wins

12 consecutive winsHenry WilesPeoria, IL TT8/22/2004 to 8/14/2016
8 Consecutive winsChris CarrPeoria, IL TT8/14/1988 to 8/6/1995
7 Consecutive winsScott ParkerSan Jose, CA M5/21/1989 to 4/25/1993
6 consecutive winsHenry WilesSpringfield, IL ST9/1/2007 to 9/15/2012
6 consecutive winsBryan SmithSacramento, CA M7/30/2011 to 5/21/2016
5 Consecutive winsGary ScottGardena, CA TT7/20/1974 to 10/7/1977
5 Consecutive winsScott ParkerSpringfield, IL M9/4/1988 to 9/2/1990
5 Consecutive winsChris CarrSpringfield, IL M5/27/2001 to 9/1/2002
4 Consecutive winsCal RaybornIndianapolis, IN RR9/23/1962 to 6/18/1972
4 Consecutive winsRicky GrahamSpringfield, IL M5/16/1982 to 7/22/1984
4 Consecutive winsMike BaldwinLoudon, NH RR6/20/1982 to 6/16/1985
4 Consecutive winsBubba ShobertDuQuoin, IL M7/27/1985 to 7/24/1988
4 Consecutive winsScott ParkerIndianapolis, IN M8/28/1988 to 8/24/1991
4 Consecutive winsChris CarrPeoria, IL TT8/2/1998 to 8/19/2001
Active riders' names are highlighted in red
Active streaks are highlighted in green

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Career Track Wins

14 winsScott ParkerSpringfield, IL MIllinois State Fairgrounds5/24/1987 to 9/3/2000
13 winsScott ParkerSacramento, CA MCal-Expo State Fairgrounds9/29/1985 to 9/26/1998
13 winsChris CarrPeoria, IL TTPeoria Motorcycle Clubgrounds8/17/1986 to 8/19/2001
12 winsChris CarrSpringfield, IL MIllinois State Fairgrounds5/28/1995 to 9/1/2008
12 winsHenry WilesPeoria, IL TTPeoria Motorcycle Clubgrounds8/22/2004 to 8/14/2016
9 winsRicky GrahamSpringfield, IL MIllinois State Fairgrounds5/16/1982 to 9/5/1993
9 winsChris CarrSacramento, CA MCal-Expo State Fairgrounds4/4/1987 to 9/18/1999
8 winsScott ParkerIndianapolis, IN MIndiana State Fairgrounds8/25/1979 to 8/16/1997
8 winsScott ParkerSan Jose, CA MSanta Clara County Fairgrounds10/1/1980 to 4/25/1993
7 winsScott ParkerLima, OH HMAllen County Fairgrounds6/30/1984 to 6/28/1997
6 winsJoe LeonardPeoria, IL TTPeoria Motorcycle Clubgrounds8/29/1954 to 8/27/1961
6 winsBart MarkelPeoria, IL TTPeoria Motorcycle Clubgrounds8/28/1960 to 8/18/1968
6 winsScott ParkerPomona, CA HMPomona Fairplex5/11/1991 to 4/20/1996
6 winsHenry WilesSpringfield, IL STIllinois State Fairgrounds Arena9/1/2007 to 9/15/2012
6 winsBryan SmithSacramento, CA MCal-Expo State Fairgrounds7/30/2011 to 9/21/2016
5 winsDick MannPeoria, IL TTPeoria Motorcycle Clubgrounds8/30/1959 to 8/13/1972
5 winsGary ScottGardena, CA TTAscot Park7/20/1974 to 10/7/1977
5 winsJay SpringsteenLouisville, KY HMLouisville Downs6/7/1975 to 6/4/1983
5 winsKenny RobertsMonterey, CA RRLaguna Seca Raceway7/28/1974 to 7/22/1984
5 winsRandy GossGardena, CA HMAscot Park9/29/1979 to 5/10/1986
5 winsRicky GrahamIndianapolis, IN MIndiana State Fairgrounds8/24/1980 to 8/21/1993
5 winsAlex JorgensenGardena, CA TTAscot Park7/15/1978 to 4/18/1986
5 winsBubba ShobertSan Jose, CA MSanta Clara County Fairgrounds5/5/1984 to 9/20/1987
5 winsBubba ShobertSacramento, CA MCal-Expo State Fairgrounds4/16/1983 to 4/16/1988
5 winsScott ParkerDel Mar, CA MDel Mar Speedway10/13/1996 to 10/10/1999
5 winsRich KingSpringfield, IL MIllinois State Fairgrounds9/5/1999 to 5/29/2005
Active riders' names are highlighted in red
Active streaks are highlighted in green

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Career Facility Wins (wins on at least two tracks at one location)

13 winsChris CarrSpringfield, ILIllinois State Fairgrounds & Arena1 ST / 12 M5/28/1995 to 9/1/2008
10 winsHenry WilesSpringfield, ILIllinois State Fairgrounds Arena6 ST / 4 TT9/1/2007 to 9/15/2012
6 winsGary ScottGardena, CAAscot Park1 HM / 5 TT9/24/1972 to 10/7/1977
6 winsSteve EklundHinsdale, ILSanta Fe Speedway3 ST / 3 TT8/13/1976 to 6/5/1987
6 winsAlex JorgensenGardena, CAAscot Park1 HM/ 5 TT5/13/1978 to 4/18/1996
6 winsBubba ShobertSan Jose, CASanta Clara County Fairgrounds1 ST / 5 M5/5/1984 to 9/20/1987
6 winsJR SchnabelSpringfield, ILIllinois State Fairgrounds Arena3 ST / 3 TT9/27/2003 to 5/27/2006
5 winsSteve EklundHouston, TXHouston Astrodome2 ST / 3 TT2/2/1978 to 2/1/1986
Active riders' names are highlighted in red

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Facility "Sweep" - won every National at one facility in one season (all tracks)

Scott Parker Cal-Expo State FairgroundsSacramento, CA4/8/1989 M & 10/7/1989 M
Illinois State FairgroundsSpringfield, IL7/16/1989 M & 9/3/1989 M
Santa Clara County FairgroundsSan Jose, CA5/20/1990 M & 9/16/1990 M
Illinois State FairgroundsSpringfield, IL5/27/1990 M & 9/2/1990 M
Santa Clara County FairgroundsSan Jose, CA5/19/1991 M & 9/15/1991 M
Illinois State FairgroundsSpringfield, IL5/24/1992 M & 9/6/1992 M
Cal-Expo State FairgroundsSacramento, CA4/23/1994 M & 10/1/1994 M
Chris Carr Cal-Expo State FairgroundsSacramento, CA4/6/1991 M & 10/12/1991 M
Cal-Expo State FairgroundsSacramento, CA5/1/1993 M & 9/25/1993 M
Illinois State FairgroundsSpringfield, IL5/27/2001 M, 9/1/2001 M & 9/2/2001 M
Illinois State FairgroundsSpringfield, IL5/26/2002 M & 9/1/2002 M
Ricky Graham Illinois State FairgroundsSpringfield, IL5/15/1983 M & 10/2/1983 M
Illinois State FairgroundsSpringfield, IL5/31/1993 M & 9/5/1993 M
New York State FairgroundsSyracuse, NY7/17/1993 M & 7/18/1993 M
Steve Eklund Houston AstrodomeHouston, TX2/2/1978 ST & 2/3/1978 TT
Santa Fe SpeedwayHinsdale, IL6/23/1978 TT & 8/4/1978 ST
JR Schnabel Illinois State Fairgrounds ArenaSpringfield, IL5/29/2004 TT & 9/4/2004 ST
Illinois State Fairgrounds ArenaSpringfield, IL5/28/2005 TT & 9/3/2005 ST
Henry Wiles Illinois State Fairgrounds ArenaSpringfield, IL5/24/2008 TT & 8/30/2008 ST
Illinois State Fairgrounds ArenaSpringfield, IL5/23/2009 TT & 9/7/2009 ST
Illinois State Fairgrounds ArenaSpringfield, IL5/29/2010 TT & 9/4/2010 ST
Illinois State Fairgrounds ArenaSpringfield, IL5/26/2012 TT & 9/15/2012 ST
Davey CamlinIllinois State FairgroundsSpringfield, IL8/31/1996 M & 9/1/1996 M
Nicky HaydenIllinois State Fairgrounds ArenaSpringfield, IL5/25/2002 TT, 7/6/2002 ST & 8/31/2002 ST
Jake JohnsonMunicipal StadiumDaytona Beach, FL3/5/2008 ST & 3/6/2008 ST
Rich KingIllinois State FairgroundsSpringfield, IL5/25/2003 M, 9/1/2001 M & 9/28/2003 M
Joe LeonardPeoria Motorcycle ClubgroundsPeoria, IL8/29/1954 TT (45ci) & 8/29/1954 TT (80ci)
Bubba ShobertSanta Clara County FairgroundsSan Jose, CA5/5/1984 ST, 5/6/1984 M, & 9/16/1984 M
Sammy HalbertDaytona Int'l Speedway Short TrackDaytona Beach, FL3/10/2011 ST & 3/11/2011 ST
Active riders' names are highlighted in red

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Career Wins At Most Tracks

1.Chris Carr32 different tracks
2.Scott Parker28 different tracks
3.Jay Springsteen23 different tracks
4.Kenny Roberts21 different tracks
4.Ricky Graham21 different tracks
4.Kenny Coolbeth21 different tracks
7.Will Davis19 different tracks
8.Jared Mees18 different tracks
9.Dick Mann17 different tracks
10.Bart Markel16 different tracks
10.Joe Kopp16 different tracks
12.Joe Petrali15 different tracks
12.Gary Nixon15 different tracks
14.Jake Johnson14 different tracks
14.Bryan Smith14 different tracks
16.Joe Leonard13 different tracks
16.Bubba Shobert13 different tracks
16.Steve Morehead13 different tracks
19.Kevin Atherton12 different tracks
19.Mert Lawwill12 different tracks
22.Everett Brashear11 different tracks
22.Carroll Resweber11 different tracks
22.Jim Rice11 different tracks
22.Gene Romero11 different tracks
22.Gary Scott11 different tracks
22.Rich King11 different tracks
29.Steve Eklund10 different tracks
29.Hank Scott10 different tracks
29.Randy Goss10 different tracks

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